When it comes to getting workers around a rough or remote job site, having the right wheels makes all the difference. Covering rugged terrain requires a vehicle with the muscle and durability to do the job. However, purchasing SUVs with those capabilities may not make sense for your company. If you only need them on a project-by-project basis, keeping these vehicles in your fleet may end up costing more than you’re willing to invest. But there is a solution. When you choose to rent a 4X4 SUV from Express 4X4 Truck Rental, you can save yourself both money and hassle.

When you work with us, you can get the equipment that’s right for your job without spending a lot up front or continually paying for maintenance. You also gain the ability to quickly scale the size of your fleet in response to demand. Whether you’re building in an isolated area, maintaining a large solar panel installation or shuttling personnel to and from an oilfield, we have the vehicles to suit your needs.

Why Renting May Be the Best Option

Investing capital in a fleet can be risky, especially if your demand level fluctuates. Owning a large number of trucks allows you to tackle big jobs, but that’s not practical for smaller projects. Even when you’re not using them, SUVs require constant maintenance and depreciate in value. When you decide to rent, you’ll always have the newest and most advanced models without the concern for maintenance or depreciation. You’ll also benefit from unlimited mileage and no travel restrictions within the United States, so you can go anywhere you need to go.

What We Offer

Our lineup of vehicles includes Jeep Wrangler Rubicon rentals that deliver the power and ruggedness you’re looking for in an SUV. These 4X4s feature 3.6-liter V6 engines with automatic transmissions. With 17-inch on/off-road tires, they have what it takes to handle the toughest conditions. They also include full safety features such as ABS brakes, electronic stability control and rearview cameras.

Why Choose Express 4X4?

We’ve provided 4X4 Jeep rentals to numerous clients across multiple industries. No matter how these vehicles were used in the field, our customers knew we would support their efforts. We’re committed to partnering with the companies we serve, going the extra mile to ensure we provide them with maximum value. Without down payments or an obligation to purchase, you can rest assured that sourcing 4X4 SUV rentals from Express 4X4 Trunk Rental will be as convenient and stress-free as possible. If you’re ready to find out what makes us special, get in touch with us today.